When SmartThings went from a successful Kickstarter campaign to a Samsung subsidiary, they had to scale up fast. To support the rapid growth, Your Majesty was hired in to work as an extension of the global brand and marketing teams.
        Over a number of years I oversaw the creative and design for SmartThings’ omni-channel customer experience which included brand, content, website, interactive retail kiosks, and packaging. These changes led to a 104% increase in sales and a 21% increase in shop conversion.

Creative direction, art direction, design

Creative and Design
Magnus Lowing, Lotte Peters, Fred Winestad, Daniel Gogov, Øyvind Nordbø, Denise Karakasis-Pires

Viet Hoang

Hugo Wiledal, Dodi Rataya, David Endersby, Valerie Fuchs

Cléa Dieudonné

Motion Design
David Schagerström

Product and educational explainers

        We developed an illustrated universe of simplistic and quirky illustrations with characters that could be used and re-used across all communication.
        A large series of videos were created to explain the value proposition, illustrate example use cases, and outline how to get started.


        For the redesign of smartthings.com we began with examining data and performed user testing to inform the direction. The result was an uncluttered online platform that guides, educates, and delights it’s visitors about the value proposition and SmartThings ecosystem.

Play & Learn Retail Kiosks

        Play and Learn is an interactive customer experience primarily designed for retail environments, but also perfect for sales training and marketing events.
        The experience aims to educate homeowners on the practical applications of connected devices, help them find and learn about the vast range of products that connect with the SmartThings ecosystem, and help them understand just how simple it is to get started in making their home smart.
        The tablet was housed in a unit that was custom designed with the 12" tablet at its center, and the experience was rolled out to 2,000 stores in the US and the UK, including BestBuy, Home Depot, John Lewis and Dixon’s.

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