Association of Pharmacists Belgium
Connecting Citizen to Pharmacist

        With prescriptions set to be digitized in 2020, the association saw an opportunity for a mobile application that could extend the experience and interactions with the pharmacy and pharmacist.
        As people were increasingly getting medications online, had reservations around privacy in the pharmacy, and were simply not aware that the pharmacists can consult beyond medicine dispensing, the primary goal of the project was to reposition pharmacists as caregivers, as opposed to retailers.
        The app was conceived around 5 core themes of functionality. Managing information, medicines, and prescriptions, reminding users of their intake moments, connecting directly with the pharmacist, reserving medicines for collection, and searching everything in the app.

Design direction, art direction, user experience, product design

Sjoerd van Rijn, Jennifer Pereira, Kristofer Forsell, Dodi Rataya, Viet Hoang

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