SL ’22

Los Angeles Lakers

        The Los Angeles Lakers were looking to connect with a new generation of fans and, required a new strategic direction for the platform as part of a complete brand overhaul. The new direction for aims to help bring fans closer to the team and energise the experience with more relevant content.
        The work involved user research and validation, identifying key areas of focus for the platform, identifying new commercial opportunities, and establishing a new design language in collaboration with Lakers' in-house team.
        This resulted in re-framing the presentation of the team, introducing a new expression of the brand, a restructure and simplification of navigation and information, upgrading the technical architecture, and a long term roadmap.

Direction, user experience, design

Olle Larsson, Florian Root, Jennifer Pereira, Arvid van Kasteel, Kasper Kuijpers, Valerie Fuchs, Dodi Rataya, Viet Hoang